Willow & Alex in Home and Away

Home and Away is an Australian television soap opera created by Alan Bateman. The series chronicles the lives, loves, happiness and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town just outside of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. Filled with energy and fun, the attractive, fit and dynamic Willow Harris is a delight, but cross her and it’s like having a firecracker go off in your face. Raised a single child in a broken home to a rough ‘n’ tumble dad, she learnt to look out for number one early. Alex Neilson made her first appearance on 22 August 2019. She is an emergency doctor with a specialty in trauma medicine. Alex’s time in the Bay will test her in ways she never imagined. Professionally, there are challenges here she will have to work hard to overcome. But it’s on a personal level that she’ll be most tried.

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