Women in Soul (II) The Temptresses

Considering the impressive amount of mythological figures composing the retinue of Aphrodite, it wouldn’t be reasonable to list them all. So I chose to retain three of her attendants. The first one is Peitho, the goddess or personified spirit of persuasion, seduction and charming speech. The second is Eros, the god of love, or more precisely, in this particular case, of lust and sexual desire. The third attendants chosen are the Naiads, a type of female spirit, the nymphs of rivers, streams, lakes, marshes, fountains and springs. These were minor goddesses who attended the assemblies of the gods on Mount Olympus. All of these figures are concepts symbolizing one or more aspects of the Feminine Principle. They are present, and sometimes consciously invoked, in the art of these alternative R&B singers: Sabrina Claudio, Jorja Smith, Lauren Jauregui, Kiana Ledé, India Shawn, Lolo Zouaï, H.E.R. and Eliza. Let’s appeciate grace and beauty as it is.

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