Women in Soul, after IWD

Yesterday, it was the International Women’s Day (IWD). It provides an opportunity to recall the cross-border impact of Clara Zetkin’s initiative on women’s rights, and it also revives the traditional substantive divergences related to gender equality, intersectionality and the place of lesbianism within feminist movements. After such a commemoration, I usually need a good dose of soul healing. After all, art and politics have always found a common ground, right? Well, you will give me reason by listening to these proud women, who make themselves heard by exploring their female energy, picturing love and expressing their truth with a certain spirit of independence. As they often give the impression of being one step away from looking elsewhere, they kind of talk to me, and they’ll maybe talk to you. Since the future is female, here is a playlist of six neo soul artists who make this slogan live through their music. (6 songs)

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