Zolita, Explosion (Music Video Clip) Sapphic hint

A peaceful and dreamlike atmosphere is casing the new song of Zolita called Explosion. She is exposing her unconditional love for an other woman that is taken. The text is a passionate declaration of affection and a powerfull charge against the man that is blocking the way of their intense connection. Her character seems to be dominant and possessive, she is assuming this love affair whithout any remorse and tries to go deeper inside her partner soul. I don’t know enough of the background to comment on the real life preference and orientation of Zolita but here is a comment she left on her music: ” ❤️ This video and song both mean a lot to me and I’m so proud for you all to finally see and hear.” You can read the full interview she did on AfterEllen about this particular piece. Her crush is portrayed by Hanna Dillingham. You can find a lot of other lesbian related ressources on her official website.

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