Zulema & Macarena in Vis a vis: El oasis

Vis a Vis: El Oasis is a spinoff series which supposedly aims to describe Zulema and Macarena’s relationship a few years after the Vis a Vis series finale. After a couple of years dedicating themselves to robbing jewelers, banks and casinos, it is time for Macarena and Zulema to separate. To do this, they decide to prepare a last robbery that will aim to steal a diamond tiara from the daughter of an important Mexican drug lord during the young woman’s wedding. The two fugitives will have the help of Goya, Mónica, Triana and «La Flaca» to carry out this work. Hours after the robbery, the team will meet at the Oasis Hotel to distribute the loot. However, the plan is not as perfect as they had planned and the situation get away from them.

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